Wendy’s Guide to Taiwan

Are you planning a trip to Taiwan? How exciting! Even though I am not joining your trip, I share your excitement as you will soon embark on an unforgettable adventure and Taiwan has so much to offer.

My love affair with Taiwan started back in the 2000s because of the Taiwanese band Mayday 五月天 and their music. My first trip to Taiwan was to attend their concerts and explore their hometowns. During my trip, I discovered so many sides of Taiwan – its unique culture, friendly communities, diverse cuisine, and breathtaking landscape – that keep tempting me to return to the island.

Here’s my “love letter” to Taiwan, a curated collection of Taiwan travel guides for travelers who are interested to explore Taiwan beyond the well-trodden paths. The articles and resources cover a range of topics from travel recommendations to itineraries. Enjoy reading and have fun planning your next getaway to Taiwan!

* I am working to update this guide regularly. If you are looking for any Taiwan travel information, contact me and I will try to add them to this guide!

Featured Taiwan Travel Guides

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Taiwan Travel Guides

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Day trips from Taipei

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Guides to Chiayi

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Guides to Taitung

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Guides to fun activities in Taiwan

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Guides to Taiwan Islands

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Useful Taiwan Travel Resources

Transportation in Taiwan: How to get around Taiwan easily

Photo Credit: Taiwan Railway Administration

Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) 臺鐵

Taiwan Railway Administration operates a comprehensive network of trains connecting cities and small towns. There are several types of passenger trains such as intercity, Fuxing, Juguang, Ziqiang and more so you can select the train that suits your budget and time. Advance reservations for weekend and holiday trains are highly recommended, especially for tickets to Taitung. Book your tickets on TRA website! The TRA app is very useful too.

Photo credit: Taiwan High Speed Rail

Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) 台灣高鐵

Taiwan High Speed Rail connects cities and towns in Taiwan with its fast and comfortable trains. THSR tickets are more expensive than local trains operated by Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) but you can cut down traveling time and hassle. Save money by buying your tickets early on THSR website!

You can purchase THSR tickets on external websites like klook too. Get 10% with this code US10NEW!

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle 台灣好行

The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus service is a lifesaver for travellers who do not drive as it is super convenient. From the major attractions, Taiwan train station, to High Speed Rail stations, the shuttles take you to the main tourist attractions in Taiwan. They offer so many scenic routes at very affordable prices.

Taiwan Tour Bus 台灣觀巴

Taiwan Tour Bus offers bus tour itineraries along with the major scenic spots of Taiwan. The hassle-free bus tour packages include pre-planned itineraries, meal plans, and sometimes even accommodation for multi-day tours.

Alishan Forest Railway 阿里山森林火車

Book your tickets for the popular Alishan Forest Railway on this website managed by Alishan Forest Railway and Cultural Heritage Office. English webpage is available and you reserve train tickets and pay online.

Taiwan travel tourism websites

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