How to win Taiwan travel prizes: Guide to Taiwan Lucky Land Campaign

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Have you heard the news yet? Taiwan is giving out travel prizes to 500,000 lucky international travellers! If you are visiting Taiwan from May 1st to June 30th 2025, you are in luck and you can win NT$5,000 (approximately SGD$210) of travel incentives! This amazing campaign is called “Taiwan – the Lucky Land 遊台灣金福氣” and it is generously organised by Taiwan Tourism Administration.

I am so excited about visiting Taiwan again in 2023 so in true #auntiewendy spirit, I have looked through Taiwan – The Lucky Land website and Taiwan Tourism Administration Singapore’s announcements and put together this quick guide to the Taiwan The Lucky Land giveaway. Hope you will win Taiwan freebies while enjoying Taiwan!

Credit: Taiwan – The Lucky Land website

What is Taiwan – The Lucky Land campaign?

Taiwan – The Lucky Land is a travel incentive campaign for foreign international travellers who are visiting Taiwan from May 1st to June 30th 2025. As part of the campaign to welcome travellers to Taiwan, Taiwan is giving out travel prizes (NT$5,000) to 500,000 lucky travellers.

Credit: Taiwan The Lucky Land website

Who is eligible?

You are eligible to take part in the giveaway if:

  • You are a foreign independent traveler who does not a Taiwan (Republic of China ROC) passport.
  • You are staying in Taiwan between 3 to 90 days.  
  • You are an independent traveler and you are not part of any tour groups and you are not applying for any group-related Taiwan travel incentives.

What are the prizes?

You can win one of the three types of prizes worth NT$5,000!  The NT$5,000 prizes are provided either in the form of a pre-paid (E-ticket) card or a set of accommodation vouchers. These prizes are valid for up to 90 days after issuance.

1. Prepaid e-ticket cards

If you win this, you can receive a prepaid e-ticket card! Lucky draw winner can choose either an EasyCard or an iPASS card or an iCash 2.0 card that comes with a stored value of NT $5,000.

Important notes about using the free value cards

  • You can use the card to make payment for transportation (like train and buses) and at stores and attractions that accept the card.
  • Each payment (or each time you tap the card) is capped at NT$1,500.
  • The total spending usage per day cannot exceed NT $3,000.
  • The validity period for the e-ticket card is 90 days. The first batch of limited-edition e-ticket cards can be used until Dec 31, 2023.
  • The e-ticket card cannot be otherwise topped up, refunded, or returned. All unused stored value of the card will be returned to Taiwan Tourism Administration.
  • If the card is lost, stolen or destroyed, the cardholder may not request a replacement or reissuance. So don’t lose your card!

What are EasyCard, iPass card, and iCash 2.0 card?

EasyCard (悠遊卡), iPASS card (一卡通), and iCash 2.0 card (旅游卡) are contactless smart cards (also called integrated circuit IC card). They have similar functions and the main difference is that they are issued by different companies. You can use them for transportation and shopping. Many shops like convenience stores, bubble tea stores, shopping malls, restaurants, and also many tourist attractions accept both cards. I have both cards and they are super convenient! Tap and go!

2. Accommodation Vouchers

If you win this, you will receive 5 vouchers of NT$1,000 each. The vouchers can be used at the participating hotels or bed and breakfasts (B&Bs) listed on Taiwan – The Lucky Land website.

I looked through the comprehensive list of hotels and B&Bs and there are over 400 accommodation options! You can choose from luxurious hotels in Taipei like Regent Taipei and Silks Place Yilan, affordable hotels like Holiday Inn Express, and a wide range of B&Bs and hostels.

Important notes about using accommodation vouchers

  • 5 vouchers of NT$1,000 each are issued to the winner and can only be used by the winner.
  • Each voucher can be used once and no change or resale is allowed.
  • The voucher is applicable to partner tourist hotels and B&Bs in Taiwan that have obtained a tourist hotel license or a registration certificate in accordance with these regulations.
  • 90 days starting from the day the travel prize is claimed and collected.
  • Make sure you register with your personal information correctly! When registering for the lucky draw, the traveler is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of the information that they supply. If a traveler is unable to participate in the event or collect a prize due to any errors, this shall be the responsibility of the traveler and not the event organizer.

 There are two ways to redeem the vouchers:

Category 1

  • You can use the vouchers for hotels and B&Bs that accept reservations either through a) in-house channels or b) a third party, such as Agoda or a travel agency.
  • If a reservation is made via a hotel’s official in-house channel (such as its website or by email/telephone/Line), you can pay the agreed-upon amount upon arrival using the accommodation vouchers.
  • Take note! If a reservation is made via a third-party service, any discounts involved shall not be accepted by the hotel, and you must pay the “full price” as charged by the hotel. Payment must be made upon arrival using the accommodation vouchers. (Thus, the room fee may be higher than that indicated when the reservation was made.) Full payment of any outstanding amount must be made upon arrival using the accommodation vouchers

 Category 2

  • You can use the vouchers for hotels and B&Bs that only accept reservations through official in-house channels, such as via the hotel’s website.
  • For these hotels and B&Bs, vouchers will not be accepted for booking made via a third party, such as Agoda.
  • When a reservation is made through a hotel’s official in-house channel, you pay the agreed-upon rate upon arrival and can use the accommodation vouchers to make all or part of this payment.

How to participate?

How can you join the Taiwan giveaway campaign? I have studied the website diligently and summarized the steps below.

Step 1 – Before you arrive in Taiwan

  • If you are eligible, go to the Taiwan The Lucky Land website and register here.
  • You must register at least 1 to 7 days before the scheduled arrival date in Taiwan.
  • During registration, you have to provide your personal information (including name, nationality, passport number, arrival date and flight, departure date, email address) and choose the type of travel prize (e-ticket card or accommodation voucher).
  • The system will automatically send the QR code to your registered email address registered after successful registration.
  • You can check your registration information on the website.  

Step 2 – When you arrive in Taiwan

  • After arriving in Taiwan, look for the the lucky draw and prize redemption areas in the airport Arrivals Hall. Airports include: Taoyuan International Airport (Terminal 1 and 2), Songshan International Airport, Taichung International Airport and Kaohsiung International Airport. See the website for directions to the lucky draw and prize redemption areas.
  • The opening hours of the lucky draw and prize redemption areas depends on the arrival time of each flight at each airport. As a rule, you can enter the lucky draw and redeem your prize within 2 hours after the arrival of the last flight scheduled for that day.
  • Present the QR code obtained from the campaign registration to participate in the “Taiwan the Lucky Land” lucky draw.
  • After scanning the QR code, you will be able to enter the lucky draw page and try your luck right away.
  • If the lottery screen shows that you have won a prize, please present your passport and relevant supporting documents (including entry stamp, boarding pass, and electronic round-trip air ticket) to the staff at the prize redemption area.
  • You will then sign to confirm receipt and collect your prize. The type of prize you receive will be that which you requested at the time of registration. This cannot be changed once it has been entered into the system.
  • The lucky draw and prize redemption can only be completed on the day of arrival in Taiwan.

Take note! The campaign starts with any flight from the scheduled flight arrival time in Taiwan at 12:00 noon on May 1, 2023 (registration will be open from 12:00 noon on April 28, 2023) to June 30, 2025. However, travel prizes will not be issued once the 500,000 quota for the year is exhausted. It’s first come, first served! So book your trip to Taiwan now!

A summary of the lucky draw steps from Taiwan The Lucky Land website.


Still have questions? Check out the Taiwan The Lucky Land website for a comprehensive list of FAQs. Taiwan Tourism Bureau Singapore has also provided very helpful tips so I have extracted the information from their Facebook page.

Q: Where to register for the Lucky Draw?


Q: What are the details or documents needed to register for the Lucky Draw?

A: Full Name as per passport, Passport Number, Flight Number, Date of Arrival and Departure, valid email address to receive the QR code.

Q: Can I register for the Lucky Draw a month prior to my departure date?

A: Registration MUST be made at least 1 to 7 days before the scheduled arrival date in Taiwan.

Q: What is the duration of the Travel Incentive Lucky Draw Campaign?

A: The campaign start from 1st of May 2023 (1200 UTC+8) to 30th of June 2025 (2359 UTC+8)

Q: What is the prize for the Travel Incentive Lucky Draw?

A: Prepaid e-ticket (EasyCard / iPass) OR Accommodation Vouchers worth NT$5000. See above for more information.

Q: Is the Lucky Draw available at all airports in Taiwan or only restricted to Taoyuan International Airport (TPE)?

A: The Lucky Draw is available at Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) – Terminal 1 & 2, Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA), Taichung International Airport (RMQ) and Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH).

Q: Can I have a lucky draw before arrival in Taiwan so I can try my luck to win the accommodation vouchers to book for my accommodation before departing to Taiwan?

A: No. You must complete the lucky draw on the day you arrive in Taiwan.

Q: My flight arrival on 1st of May 2023 (9am), can I participate for the Lucky Draw?

A: The Travel Incentive Lucky Draw campaign kickstart on or after 12 noon on 1st of May 2023.

Q: Any age limitation to register for the Lucky Draw? Can I register for my children under 5 years old?

A: No age limit on participation.

Q: I have missed the Lucky Draw on the day of arrival in Taiwan, can I return to the airport next day to complete the Lucky Draw?

A: No. You MUST complete the Lucky Draw at the airport arrival hall on the day you arrive in Taiwan. The QR code only valid for the date of your arrival in Taiwan.

Q: Can I exchange the prize for cash?

A: The prize is strictly non-transferable and exchangeable for cash.

Q: Can I choose the prize?

A: Yes. You may choose a prepaid e-ticket (EasyCard / iPass) or Accommodation Vouchers during registration on the website.

Q: Where to spend the prepaid amount on EasyCard/iPass?

A: Public transport or any stores in Taiwan that accept EasyCard / iPass for small-value purchases (Not more than NT$1500 per usage and limit to NT$3000 daily)

For more details, please visit:

EasyCard 悠遊卡:

iPass 一卡通:

icash 2.0: 

Q: I’m having a stopover in Taiwan for 48 hours, can I register for the Lucky Draw?

A: No. The Lucky Draw is open for any foreign travellers that visit Taiwan from 3 to 90 days.

Q: I’m a Taiwanese travelling back to Taiwan, can I participate in the Lucky Draw?

A: The Lucky Draw is open for independent foreign visitors (non-ROC passport holders) only.

Q: I’m traveling to Taiwan with a tour agency, can I participate?

A: The lucky draw is open for free & easy independent travellers (FIT) to Taiwan. However, you may check with your tour agency for the tour group incentive.

Q: How many times can I participate? If I travel to Taiwan twice this year, can I register for the Lucky Draw twice?

A: Yes, no limitation on participation. One participation per arrival in Taiwan.

Q: My friend couldn’t make it to Taiwan, can I complete his Lucky Draw on behalf by using the QR code that he received when I arrive in Taiwan?

A: No. Participation and prize are non-transferable and not exchangeable.

Q: The accommodation vouchers can be used for any hotel or BnB (minus) in Taiwan?

A: Accommodation vouchers can only be used at the participating hotels with a valid tourist hotel business licenses, or homestays/ BnB/ minsu that obtained a valid registration certificates. Please refer to the campaign website for the list of participating accommodations.

Q: How does it work if we have booked the accommodation prior to arrival in Taiwan and we have won the accommodation voucher?

A: You can select prepaid e-ticket (EasyCard / iPass) or Accommodation Voucher during the registration on the website. If you have booked the accommodation, you may want to select prepaid e-ticket (EasyCard / iPass) or you may only book the accommodation for the first few nights and if you selected and strike lucky for accommodation voucher, you may use the accommodation vouchers on the subsequent stay in the participating accommodation.

Q: We are traveling as a family of 4 and chosen accommodation vouchers as a prize for he lucky draw, if 4 of us strike lucky, can we offset our hotel booking by combining 4 sets of vouchers?

A: Accommodation vouchers are non-transferable and can only be used by the person whose details are booked for the accommodation.

For example, Maya and Maverick both won the accommodation vouchers. However, the hotel room is booked in the name of Maverick, they can only offset the amount from the accommodation vouchers won by Maverick.

Q: I have won the accommodation vouchers but I have booked the accommodation before departing Taiwan. However, the accommodation is in the list of participating accommodation, can I exchange the Accommodation Vouchers with anything that I can spend in the accommodation, for instance, room upgrade or F&B voucher?

A: You may refer to the campaign website or contact the participating hotel for more information.

Q: What if I have a flight delayed and I couldn’t arrive on the registered date, can I still participate for the Lucky Draw when I arrive in the Taiwan airport? Or do I have to register again and obtains a new QR code when I arrive in Taiwan airport?

A: You may register again on the website 1 to 7 days before your arrival to Taiwan. For more details, kindly contact Taiwan Tourism Bureau via the contact form in the campaign website.

Q: I’ve filled in wrong information when register on the website, what can I do?

A: You may register again 1 to 7 days before your arrival to Taiwan.

Q: The Lucky Draw Booth in the airport will be opened for 24/7?

A: Not 24/7, the lucky draw booth will be opened based on scheduled flights’ arrival time.

Check Taiwan The Lucky Land website and Taiwan Tourism Bureau Singapore Facebook page for the most updated information!

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