Guide to Taichung’s Okuma Center: Visit Taiwan’s first and only fishing museum

I tried fishing “robofish” and reeling in a virtually stimulated fish for the first time in my life in Taiwan’s Okuma Center 寶熊漁樂碼頭. The first fishing museum in Taiwan, Okuma Center is an unexpected discovery during my trip to Taichung and I spent a fun and educational morning exploring the fishing wonderland like a child.

Located in Tanzi District 潭子區, the northern part of Taichung, Okuma Center is a fishing museum designed like an educational indoor marine theme park. Established by Okuma Fishing Tackle Company, a global fishing rods and reels manufacturer founded in Taiwan, Okuma Center is a hidden gem for fun day trip in Taichung. Looking for engaging activities to enjoy with your family for your holiday in Taiwan? Check out this detailed guide to Okuma Center to plan your next trip to Taiwan.

Introduction to Okuma Center

Credit: Okuma Center


Understanding the ocean starts from fishing!

Opened in 2019, Okuma Center is an edutainment attraction set up by Okuma Fishing Tackle Company. The Okuma brand is the pride of Taiwan. The founder Charles ­Chang loves fishing since he was a young boy and he set up Okuma in 1986 with a modest capital of only NT$1 million. The company has expanded its operation worldwide and it owns distribution companies in the U.S. and Japan.

Okuma Fishing Tackle Company is known for producing high quality fishing reels made with advanced materials with dynamic designs and cutting-edge technology. Today, Okuma is a world renowned fishing tackle brand and ranked highly with other major brands like Shimano and Daiwa.

President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) visited Okuma Center in 2019 and highlighted the importance of understanding the ocean and fishing as Taiwan is an island surrounded by water.  

President Tsai Ing-wen visited Okuma Center and experienced the Virtual Fishing. Credit: Okuma Center

Okuma’s Chinese name, 寶熊漁樂碼頭 (bao xiong yu le ma tou) is translated directly to mean – Okuma Bear Fun Pier. Bao xiong or precious bear is the nickname of the white Okuma Bear, the adorable mascot of the theme park. Polar bear, a natural predator, is the brand symbol.  Taiwanese loves their mascot and the white Okuma bear is everywhere in the museum to teach visitors about the art, science, and technology related to fishing. This park focuses on edutainment and visitors can have fun while learning about fishing and the environment.

Tour of Okuma Center

I had an exclusive guided tour of the Okuma Center thanks to the center director Mr Wu De Li 吳德利 who spent time sharing about the Okuma brand, the conceptualisation of Okuma center, and the relationship between the ocean and fishing . His passion in educating the next generation is very inspiring. He hopes that the younger generation will learn more about our ocean from sustainable practices of fishing.

Okuma Center is great for families and even an adult like me spent many hours learning everything about fishing. Most of the displays in the center are in Chinese but English translations are provided. The tours and workshops are conducted in Chinese Mandarin but you can email them if you need any language services. Let’s join me for a tour of Okuma Center!

Here’s a video tour of the museum!

Level 1: Shopping Arcade

A giant fishing game machine greets you at the entrance on level 1. Check out the world’s biggest fishing machine! I am so amazed by how a childhood fishing game has expanded to a life-sized model where I can “catch” the jumping fish. Each fish weighs over 1 kg; (the model fish is made to be heavy to stimulate the experience of fishing real fish) and the fishes dance up and down when the machine rotates with music. This interactive game is fun for kids and adults too. I had so much trying to capture as many fishes using the fishing rod. What a fun and nostalgic activity! This special fishing activity can only be experienced in Okuma Center!

Other than the fishing game machine, you can try more games in the American style entertainment space.  The carnival-like game stations are popular with children. The games may look simple but you need to be very lucky or skilful to win the top prize – an Okuma bear soft toy!

Level 1 is also the place for shopping. Here you can find the only and only Okuma Tackle Shop in Taiwan. All your fishing needs are sold here from fishing equipment like fishing reels or even fishing rods. You can also visit the souvenir shop to buy marina-themed souvenirs.

There are food stalls and Dante Coffee where you can feed your children hot meals, snacks and bubble tea if they get hungry during the visit. Look at how cute the Okuma bear-shaped egg cake is!

Map of Level 1 Shopping Arcade

Level 1 Shopping Arcade. Credit: Okuma Center

Level 2: Fishing Story Museum

The entrance to the museum. Check out the signposts that show the distance between Okuma and major cities in Asia. The directional signs show the actual direction where the cities are!

Most of the fun and educational activities are on level 2. Purchase your ticket to enter the Fishing Story Museum (just NT $200 entrance fees) and you can enjoy a guided tour, 3D theater, stimulation virtual fishing activities, and fish printing craft activity.

Start the tour of the museum with a guided tour (timings for guided tour: 11:00am, 2:00pm (weekdays); 11:00am, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm (weekend and holidays).

The main fishing area has a speedboat imported from the U.S. and you can experience the fishing environment near the lake. There are fishing rods for you to try activities like lure or rock fishing.

Fishing area. Credit: Okuma Center

An exciting part of the museum is the simulation fishing grounds. Using technology and equipment imported from France, this immersive virtual fishing activity is a popular station for children and adults. You can experience fishing in a virtual stimulation. To reel in the fish, you have to use your force to fight with fish until the fish surrenders. Since I am a super beginner, I took some time and lots of energy to reel in my fish!

There is a 3D theater in the museum where you can watch a fun animation narrated by the Okuma bear. You can learn more about fishing and the marine environment. The theater is decorated with beautiful artworks by well-known European illustrator Tommy Kinnerup that shows colorful fishes and the marine ecosystem. underwater world.

A visually captivating area of the museum, the Okuma reel display area exhibits an impressive collection of fishing reels provided by the Okuma brand. Watch the video projection and understand the illustrious history of the Okuma company. Okuma’s famous and best-selling fishing reels are on display here and each reel represents a period in the Okuma story. Okuma Center director Mr Wu De Li introduces the fishing reels and brings me through the history and evolution of the Okuma brand and their inventions. Okuma offers quality and affordable fishing equipment such as spinning rods, fly rods, float rods, and fishing reels including bait cast, trolling, spinning, and fly reels.

Check out this glamorous fishing reel! Okuma L’amour limited edition spinning reels redefine sport fishing. Embellished with 13 crystals from Swarovski; each hand inserted carefully with precision, this stunning fishing reel has changed the fishing experience and it is popular with female fishing fans.

There is also a marine education section for children to learn how they can play a part in environment conservation and protect the fishes and ocean.

If you have children, don’t forget to bring them to the DIY Classroom! Designed like a wooden cabin in a ship, the DIY Classroom offers fun experiential activities for children to create fishing artworks. Fun activities include making DIY fishing rod (NT $400), DIY fishing printing where you can create postcard or bookmark (NT $50), DIY Okuma bear piggy bank (NT $150), DIY fishing key chain (NT $150), and DIY coloring fishing toy (NT $150). Check out the DIY activities and artworks here.

I am very proud of my DIY fish print bookmark and postcard!

Map of Level 2: Fishing Story Museum

Level 3: Fishing Tackle Factory

Continue the tour to level 3 and visit the Fishing Tackle Factory. Our tour guide explained more about the fishing equipment and technology and the production process of making these durable yet lightweight fishing reels. You can learn more about the production process of making fishing reels here.

The most important part of the fishing tackle is the reel. Anglers rely on the “drag force” of reel to stabilize the fishing rod, adjust the strength to catch, and pull up big fishes. The reel is mainly composed of gears, ball bearings, and other fine parts. The products go through R&D to test the functionality and reliability of the reel mechanism. Check out the highly specialised machinery used to test the reel’s drag force!

Map of Level 3: Fishing Tackle Factory

How to get to Okuma Center

Okuma Center is conveniently situated in the Tanzi District 潭子區 in the northern part of Taichung. Tanzi is easily accessed by a short 15-minute train ride from Taichung train station. Okuma Center is just a short 10-minute walk from Tanzi train station.

Address: No. 11, Section 3, Zhongshan Road, Tanzi District, Taichung 42756

Opening hours of Okuma Center: Monday to Sunday

Level 1 Shopping Arcade (free admission): 10:00-5:30pm

Level 2 Fishing Story Museum (buy tickets on site): 10:00-3:30pm

Okuma Fishing Tackle Shop (level 1): 9:00-9:30pm

Ticket prices: NT $200 for general entry that includes guided tour, 3D theater, stimulation virtual fishing activities, and fish printing craft activity. Entry is free for children below 4 years old and persons with disabilities.

You can buy your ticket in advance via Klook! Use my special Klook promo code WENDYKLOOK  to enjoy 5% any Klook purchases (no min. spend; capped at USD $10).

Check out Okuma Center website and their Facebook page for more information!

Guide to Tanzi

Tanzi District 潭子區 in the northern part of Taichung is a hidden gem that you should explore during your next trip to Taichung. For a fun day trip, combine your trip to Okuma Center with visits to other attractions in Tanzi. I strong recommend visiting Tanzi to discover another side of Taichung.

Tanzi District Office 臺中市潭子區公所 has curated three fun themed day trip itineraries where you can experience slow travel and enjoy best attractions in Tanzi. Check out the helpful guides and itineraries below!

Tanzi attractions map. Credit: Tanzi District Office 臺中市潭子區公所
Tanzi day trip itineraries. Scan the QR code to access the Google maps. Credit: Tanzi District Office 臺中市潭子區公所

Itinerary 1: Ecology and fitness fun 自讓生態強身趣

  • Hanxi cycling trail (Juxing bridge) → Xintian hiking trail (car park) → Java Forest Coffee Qi Que Coffee Manor (only open on Sat) → Strawberry World Orchard (open Dec to Apr)
  • 旱溪自行車道(聚興橋) → 新田登山步道停車場 → 蟄伏咖啡 新田店 →  奇雀咖啡莊園 → 草莓世界
  • Access the Google map itinerary here.

Itinerary 2: Family and cultural fun 親子人文悠遊趣

  • Tanzi train station → Green corridor → Okuma Center → Tan xin rail-road-sky bridge → Zhaixing Villa → Big Wood Farm → Tanzi train station
  • 潭子火車站 → 綠空廊道 → 寶熊漁樂碼頭 → 潭心鐵馬空橋 → 摘星山莊 → 大木塊生態農園 → 潭子火車站
  • Access the Google map itinerary here.

Itinerary 3: Slow stroll through historical neighbourhood 漫步街區訪古趣

  • Tanzi train station → Tan Shui Ting Guanyin Temple → Shipai Park → Taste local specialities in the neighbourhood  → Tanzi Farmers Association → Tanzi Elementary School Japanese Style Building → Tanzi train station
  • 潭子火車站 → 潭水亭觀音媽廟 →石牌公園 → 街區品味傳統特色美食 → 潭子農會穀倉 → 潭子國小日式校舍 → 潭子火車站
  • Access the itinerary Google map here. The map has amazing food recommendations!  

Another fun activity to try in Tanzi is to cycle the Tanya Shen Green Bikeway 潭雅神綠園道.

Credit: Taichung City Government Tourism and Travel Bureau

Tanya Shen Green Bikeway is a scenic cycling route that is ideal for a half day excursion. The well-marked route and suitable for all ages because the 13-km cycling path traverses a generally flat terrain with some gentle slopes that can be done in about 1.5-2 hours.

The bikeway covers sections of the pre-purposed Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) Shengang railway tracks 神岡線鐵路. You can rent iBike from Taichung Export Processing Zone 臺中加工出口區, which is a short 10-minute walk from Tanzi train station and start your bike ride from there.

Immerse in nature as you ride along the Dajia River and cross bridges. Tanya Shen Green Bikeway’s photo hot spots are the picturesque S-shaped sections, which are flanked by towering trees.

Tanya Shen Green Bikeway Map. Credit: Taichung City Government Tourism and Travel Bureau and 男生宿舍.

Interested to cycle more in Taichung? Check out more Taichung cycling trips here!

Other than Okuma Center and Tanzi, there are many other places to explore in Taichung. Read my new Guide to Taichung City: Best places to visit in Xinshe, Tanzi, and Guguan.

Visit Okuma Center travel booth at Taiwan Travel Fair 2024!

Interested to visit Okuma Center for your next trip to Taiwan? You are in luck! Okuma Center will have a travel booth at the Taiwan Travel Fair. You will have a chance to meet representatives from Okuma Center and get more information to plan your next Taiwan holiday. There are special fishing master talks at 1:00-1:30pm on 19-21 April!

  • Date and Time: 19-21 April 2024, 11:00am – 7:00pm
  • Venue: Marina Square (Central Atrium), 2F

Join us at Taiwan Travel Fair 2024 to explore the best things to do in Taiwan! Get more information about the travel fair from Taiwan Tourism Administrative Singapore Facebook page and see the schedule and activities here.

My trip to Taichung was organised and supported by Tri-Mountain National Scenic AreaTaiwan Tourism Administration Singapore.

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