Guide to Flower Viewing and Leisure Farms in Taiwan

Are you dreaming of a relaxing holiday where you can experience changing seasons amidst flower fields? If yes, then Taiwan is the perfect destination for flower viewing with its collection of flower-themed leisure farms!

Blessed by the warmth of subtropical climate and cool temperatures in high attitude regions, Taiwan experiences comfortable weather throughout the year. As a result of the versatile weather conditions, the island is home to dazzling flora and fauna that adorn its diverse landscape throughout the seasons.

This guide provides you a list of top leisure farms and flower viewing tours that you can enjoy in Taiwan! Get ready to experience Taiwan in bloom!


Each season in Taiwan is accompanied by colorful clusters of flowers that pop up all over the island. In spring, cherry and peach blossoms herald the beginning of a new year. During the summery months, lilies, and hydrangeas fill the landscape. When autumn creeps in, the radiant cosmos peek from the land and entice you to slow down as the year ends with a joyous spread of lavenders. Download the floral calendar and map here!

Credit: Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association

This comprehensive floral travel calendar illustrates the types of flowers you can view all year round in Taiwan. Flower viewing is a popular national past time. The locals take delight in spending time outdoors to admire the “sea of flowers” and join flower festivals that showcase Taiwan’s floral beauty throughout the year. Here’s a recommended list of flowers you can enjoy in the different seasons!


Calla Lily 海芋

Yellow Poui 金針花



Tung Blossoms



Long Yellow Daylily

Florist’s Daisy


Plum Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms


Other highlights in Taiwan’s flower viewing calendar includes Alishan Cherry Blossom Festival in spring, Yangmingshan Flower Festival, and Xinshe Sea of Flowers 新社花海 in Taichung in November and December.  

There is an incredible Flowers in Taipei festival that features 12 flower attractions around the city. Yes! You will be pampered by the 12 flower festival showcasing 12 iconic flowers blooming in Taiwan. Here’s the map illustrating the flower festivals. Take a look at the flowers you can enjoy in Taiwan this video of the festivals!

Credit: Flowers in Taipei

One unique aspect of tourism in Taiwan is that travelers are spoilt by a wide offering of leisure and recreational farms. Many of the farms have stunning flower fields, fruits plantations, restaurants, and even guest houses.

Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association (TLFDA) 台灣休閒農業發展協會 actively supports the leisure farms and promote sustainable agriculture and tourism. A non-profit organization founded in 1998, TLFDA assists the upgrading of agriculture into leisure farms in line with the goal of LOHAS development. It also serves as the bridge connecting the academic, government, and the industry and promoting the development of leisure agriculture in Taiwan. Everyone is able to “enjoy leisure and experience felicity”. Check out Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association website to learn more about their work and their GoGo-TaiwanFarm website for information about farm visits. Check out their fun video highlight the five “Good” things you can enjoy the farms: Good Place, Good Food, Good Fun, Good Friend, and Good time!


As there is a plethora of leisure farms in Taiwan, here are 5 recommended farms that host spectacular flower fields and organize enriching activities and tours to guide your Taiwan travel planning.  



Credit: Jaifu Garden

Jaifu Garden is well known for its gorgeous calla lily farm near the Bamboo Lake in Yangmingshan National Park. The convenient location of the farm means that you can easily make day trip to the farm when you are in Taipei City. Their calla lily is so famous that Jay Chou describes the white lilies in his song “陽明山,” which is about Yangmingshan! In spring from March to May, you can join calla lilies picking tours where you can put on waterproof outerwear or what the locals call frog outfit (青蛙裝) and waddle into the farm.

 The farm also organizes ecological trips, floral arts and craft workshops, and more farming activities for a fun day out in nature. You can also buy ornamental flowers from the farm! Check out Jaifu Garden Facebook page for the flowers in season and activities you can sign up for!

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Credit: Flower Home

Flower Home (Flower Dew Leisure Farm) is a tourism and leisure farm founded more than 30 years ago. Nestled in Miaoli County, the sprawling organic farm is a floral wonderland of flower fields, gardens, and restaurants. The lavender field attracts crowds ever year in January and February. You can also admire different varieties of orchid In their Orchid Hall and even learn how to make floral essential oil and lotion in the Aroma Boutique. If you can’t bear to leave the farm, you can stay in its guesthouses and spend more time in Miaoli! Book your train tickets to Miaoli here.



Credit: Sheipa Leisure Farm

Situated almost 1,900 metres in the mountainous Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area and Sheipa National Park, Sheipa Leisure Farm is an alpine farm surrounded by breath-taking landscape. Travelers make the journey up the mountains to enjoy the panorama of flowers like plum blossoms and roses that bloom through the years. The farm is known for their high quality kiwi fruits and blue berries so buy their exclusive fruit products when you visit. Book your train ticket to Hsinchu here.



Credit: Wuling Farm

Nestled in Central Taiwan, Wuling Farm invites you to soak in the grandeur of nature in the mountains. The cool climate in the highlands means that the farm is a haven for flower viewing. Flower lovers head to the alpine to enjoy its famous display of cherry, peach, and plum blossoms.

Like the other farms in the region like Fushoushan Farm 福壽山農場 and Cingjing Farm 清境農場, Wuling Farm is the fruits of labour of veterans who settled in the area as farmers. The farm grows an abundance of fruits throughout the year so you can enjoy flowers and fruits during your visit.

Combine your farm visit with a trip to Lishan, an iconic mountain range with picturesque hiking trails. Check out this guide to Lishan and the Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area if you are interested in hiking and forest bathing!



Have you seen orange daylilies before? If you are new to this gorgeous golden  flower, you have to visit Qingshan farm in Taitung’s Taimali Township. From August to October, the farm and the surroundings of Jinzhen mountain are decorated with the resplendent flowers. As the season changes, the farm is covered with cherry blossoms, lilies, and maple leaves too.

If you enjoy cycling, spend some time exploring Taitung and its network of scenic cycling trails. Here’s a special guide to Taitung and recommended cycling trips around Taitung for your next nature escapade to Taiwan!

Hope this selection of farms provides you a useful preview to flower viewing in Taiwan’s leisure farms! Visit Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association website for a detailed directory of farms that you can select from for your next holiday in Taiwan!



This article is a supplement to the virtual travel session “Flowers in Bloom: A Seasonal Tour of Taiwan’s Flower and Leisure Farms” organized by Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Singapore. It is a special collaboration between whywendywrites and Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association. Watch the video here!

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