Things to do in Okinawa


Okinawa – My Second Home

I love Okinawa so much and I miss it every day… All these articles are like my love letters to my favorite island. Hope they will provide you useful insights and tempt you to visit this island one day!

WAttention Oki Main Pg WWW
Okinawa with Wendy! WAttention Singapore Vol 39
Okinawa 2 Miyako
15 Things to Do in Okinawa
Naha 9
What You Can Expect at The Great Tug Of War Festival in Okinawa (TripZilla)
Top 10 things to eat in Okinawa
5 things to do in summer
5 things to do in Okinawa during Summer
1 Cape Manza
Cape Manza – A Spectacular Viewing Spot in Okinawa
Best Cafes in Okinawa’s Minatogawa Stateside Town
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Visit Okinawa and Try a Bowl of Okinawa Soba
3 taiken places to eat soba
Best Places to Try Authentic Okinawa Soba
8 cherry blossoms in okinawa
Japan’s Earliest Cherry Blossoms in Okinawa
Picture 6
Tankan Picking in Okinawa
9 Picture 3
Music, Art and Culture at Sakurazaka Asylum in Okinawa
7 hygandras
Okinawa’s Yohena Hydrangea Garden and Other Hydrangea Spots in Japan

Thanks to the JET Programme for giving me a chance to live in Okinawa… Check out my Interview (in Mandarin) about the JET Programme (fr0m 5.00 onwards). A very random opportunity arose and I was interviewed about my JET Programme experiences on Singapore’s Chinese Channel 8 (Hello Singapore / 我在狮城有个家). I probably “butchered” my mother tongue when I shared about my life in Okinawa. 

Video extracted from Channel 8 website 

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