Mayday’s History of Tomorrow Review: 五月天 自传 如果我们不曾相遇 (What if we have never met)

1-12 1 Mayday Ponda 2 delgada

1-12 1 Mayday Ponda 2 delgada

如果我们不曾相遇 (What if we have never met) was the second release from the album. When I first heard the song, I was not that impressed by it. I thought the melody sounds rather old-fashioned and I could imagine the song being used as theme song for a Chinese period drama.

Then I watched the music video in a busy train and it sent goose bumps all over my body. I was hooked to the song by the intriguing narration of the story in the music video. The music video started like a typical love story.


Girl met Boy in high school.


Girl fell in love with Boy.


Girl travelled to a lot of places with Boy.


Boy did not appear ever again in Girl’s life.


Girl wished she could meet Boy again in a distant corner of the world.
Wait, why was the boy still 24 years old?


Girl travelled with Boy who will never grow old.


Girl guessed Boy had really left.


Girl still missed Boy.


Girl will finally meet Boy again.



As I could not read the captions clearly on my Iphone, I guessed they probably broke up. I thought it is brilliant how Mayday was trying to portray how the heart-broken female character was haunted by memories of her failed relationship. She will always miss the 24-year-old version of him, as that was her last memory of him. Even after years had passed, she continued to miss him and the memories of their young romance.

Then my fanciful imagination was interrupted when my friend asked, ““Did he die?”

So I watched the music video again on a bigger screen, read the captions and realized that my interpretation was probably wrong. It is interesting how a well-made music video can influence our appreciation of a song. For the last few albums, Mayday has really put in effort to produce meaningful music videos, which resonate with or even enhance the songs.

The song posits the question: What if we have never met?

如果我们从不曾相识 不存在这首歌曲


偶然与巧合 舞动了蝶翼 谁的心头风起
前仆而后继 万千人追寻 荒漠唯一菩提
是擦身相遇 或擦肩而去 命运犹如险棋
无数时间线 无尽可能性 终于交织向你

If we have never met, there will probably be no story, no song. The idea of fate bringing two people together is presented in the song especially in the bridge. The poetic verses explore the chances and coincidences in life. Perhaps fate determines if it is an encounter or a meeting. With limitless possibilities in life, it must be serendipity for two people to meet at a particular moment in time and destiny for two lives to be intertwined.


某一天 某一刻 某次呼吸 我们终将再分离
而我的 自传里 曾经有你 没有遗憾的诗句
诗句里 充满感激

When the day comes for two people to part, there should be no regrets but gratitude as their stories are enriched by their encounter.

So… when the day comes for Mayday to “retire”, they should have no regrets but immense pride as their songs have enriched many lives!




如果我们不曾相遇 我会是在哪里?
如果我们从不曾相识 不存在这首歌曲

每秒都活着 每秒都死去 每秒都问著自己
谁不曾找寻 谁不曾怀疑 茫茫人生奔向何地?

那一天 那一刻 那个场景 你出现在我生命
从此后 从人生 重新定义 从我故事里苏醒

如果我们不曾相遇 你又会在哪里?
如果我们从不曾相识 人间又如何运行?

晒伤的脱皮 意外的雪景 与你相依的四季
苍狗又白云 身旁有了你 匆匆轮回又有何惧?

那一天 那一刻 那个场景 你出现在我生命
每一分 每一秒 每个表情 故事都充满惊奇

“偶然与巧合 舞动了蝶翼 谁的心头风起”
“前仆而后继 万千人追寻 荒漠唯一菩提”
“是擦身相遇 或擦肩而去 命运犹如险棋”
“无数时间线 无尽可能性 终于交织向你”

那一天 那一刻 那个场景 你出现在我生命
未知的 未来里 未定机率 然而此刻拥有你

某一天 某一刻 某次呼吸 我们终将再分离
而我的 自传里 曾经有你 没有遗憾的诗句


如果我们不曾相遇 我会是在哪里?
如果我们从不曾相识 不存在这首歌曲

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