Mayday Stay Real Singapore Sales

1-1-Mayday Bora 3

Hi fellow fans!

I have decided to sell my beloved Mayday/Stay Real merchandise (reluctantly). I collected them over many years and they contained lots of memories. However, due to various limitations, I have to let go of them…

Please write an email to whywendywrites @ if you would like to become proud owner of any of these items (state the item you want clearly)

All brand new items (with price tag intact) come with Stay Real paper bags.

Payment: Pay in cash when we meet (City Hall MRT is a preferred spot or we can discuss where’s convenient)

If you like to buy more than 1 item, I can give you some complimentary magazines and offer discount! While stocks last! Thanks for helping! 🙂

1a. Stay Real Lanyard Pouch 勿忘初衷票夾 (SOLD)

  • Price: $25.00 SG
120315 120315 (1)
1b. Stay Real Limited Edition Weighing Scale

  • Limited edition weighing scale still in packaging
  • Dimension: 16 X 31 cm, 550 g
  • Price: $35.00 SG
1c. Stay Real Limited Edition Goat Mousy Box (Huat ah!)

  • Limited edition 2015 Prosperity Box in packaging
  • Price: $30.00 SG
red box
1d. Stay Real Selfie Stick 

  • Brand new in box
  • Price: $28.00 SG
1. Stay Real Hello Kitty Tee (Brand New with price tag)

  • Size M
  • Price: $65.00 SG
IMG_8835 IMG_9092
2. Stay Real Doraemon Tee (Brand New with price tag)

  • Size M
  • Price: $65.00 SG
IMG_8836 IMG_9093
3. Stay Real 3-quarter sleeve Cool Tee (Brand New with price tag)

  • Size M (SOLD)
  • Price: $45.00 SG
 IMG_8837 IMG_9090
 4. Stay Real Rock Tee

  • Brand New but I cut the price tag accidentally =(
  • Size S
  • Special Dri-fit material
  • I bought this in Japan but it does not fit me!
  • Price: $58.00 SG
 IMG_9094 IMG_9095
 6. Stay Real Super Limited Edition Box Set

  • Brand New! Still in packaging.
  • Size M
  • The t-shirt is placed in an intricate box.
  • Price: $108.00 SG
IMG_9864 IMG_9865
7. Stay Real Bat Man Hoodie (Brand New with price tag) (SOLD)

  • Size M
  • Super thick, comfy material and nice inner design
  • Price: $78.00 SG
IMG_9103 IMG_9104
8. Rockcoco Cute Pouch (Brand New with price tag)  (SOLD)

  • Can be used to store cosmetics, accessories,
  • electronic stuffs and etc. Super handy!
  • Price: $35.00 SG
IMG_9096 IMG_9097
IMG_9098 IMG_9099
9. Stay Real French Fries Bunny 薯條小兔公仔

  • 2011 special figurine!
  • Brand new in packaging
  • Height 13.5 cm, width 10 cm
  • Price: $30.00 SG
21309043675291_535 21309043675291_875
 10. Stay Real Limited Edition Doraemon Wallet (SOLD)

  • I really like this and
  • begged my friend to buy it from Taiwan…
  • Price: $38.00 SG
IMG_9756 IMG_9757
  11. Stay Real Voyager Small Sling Bag (Brand New(SOLD)

  • Never used before!
  • It was sold out very quickly after release.
  • Price: $35.00 SG
IMG_9858  IMG_9859
 12. Stay Real Cafe Tumbler (Brand New) (SOLD)

  • Never used before! I promise!
  • Bought from Stay Real Cafe Taiwan
  • Price: $15.00 SG
13. Stay Real No War Tote Bag (Brand New) (SOLD) 

  • Never used before!
  • Price: $12.00 SG
IMG_9782 IMG_9783
14. Pre-loved DNA 2010 Concert Tee (Worn 1-2 times)

  • Size S
  • Price: $12.00 SG
IMG_9772 IMG_9773
15. Pre-loved Nowhere Concert Tee (Worn 1-2 times)

  • Size S
  • Price: $15.00 SG
 IMG_9774 IMG_9775
16. Pre-loved Nowhere Europe Tour Concert Tee (Worn 1-2 times)

  • 歐美巡迴紀念 亞洲巨象 黑長袖T (SOLD)
  • Limited Edition
  • Size S
  • Price: $28.00 SG
IMG_9779 IMG_9781
 17. Mayday Book – 下課後,怪獸家點名 (Brand New in wrapper)

  • No idea why I have an extra!
  • Price: $18.00 SG (SOLD) 
 18. 逆轉勝 Second Round Soundtrack (Brand New)

  • Price: $25.00 SG
IMG_9841 IMG_9842
 19. 第二人生 Album (Optimistic Version) (Brand New)

  • Price: $19.00 SG
  • I can throw in free poster if I can find it!
 20. 第二人生 Album (Pessimistic Version) (Brand New)

  • Still in plastic wrapping
  • Price: $19.00 SG
  • I can throw in free poster if I can find it!
 21. Nowhere Tour Water Bottle  (Brand New)

  • 諾亞方舟-世界一舟太空水囊
  • Still in plastic wrapping
  • Never used before!
  • Price: $10.00 SG
 22. DNA Tour CDs (Brand New) (SOLD)

  • Still in plastic wrapping
  • Empty/writeable cds
  • Price: $18.00 SG
IMG_9853 0020134251
23. Nowhere Tour First Edition Luggage Tag 

  • 諾亞方舟-世界一舟行李吊牌(共3色)
  • Only sold at Nowhere tour opening concert in Taipei
  • I can’t take pics of all because…
  • I do not want to damage the packaging
  • Available in 3 colors (green, brown, blue)
  • Price: $20.00 SG each
IMG_9845  N01880-92603R
 24. Nowhere Tour First Edition Passport Cover (SOLD)

  • 諾亞方舟-世界一舟護照套(共3色)
  • Only sold at Nowhere tour opening concert in Taipei!
  • Brand New. Still in wrapping.
  • I can’t take pics of all because…
  • I do not want to damage the packaging
  • Available in 3 colors (green, brown, blue)
  • Price: $25.00 SG each
 IMG_9846 N95541-91464R
 25. DNA Rubik’s Cube

  • Bought in Kaohsiung!
  • Price: $10.00 SG
IMG_9850 4a9b5547-68d5-4a41-9882-94c8253f46b1
26. Nowhere Europe Tour Badges (SOLD)

  • 歐美巡迴紀念 世界一舟 胸章組
  • Limited edition
  • Price: $25.00 SG
 27. DNA Tour Water Bottle

  • Brand New. Never used before.
  • Still in plastic packaging
  • Price: $15.00 SG
28. Misc magazines brought in Taiwan/Japan

  • Just tell me what you like and quote your price!



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