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  • Mayday Stay Real Singapore Sales

    1-1-Mayday Bora 3

    Hi fellow fans! I have decided to sell my beloved Mayday/Stay Real merchandise (reluctantly). I collected them over many years and they contained lots of memories. However, due to various limitations, I have to let go of them… Please write an email to whywendywrites @ gmail.com if you would like to become proud owner of any […]

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  • Mayday’s History of Tomorrow Review


    五月天 自传 分析和评价 After 4 years 7 months, Mayday finally launched their 9th studio album on 21 July 2016 to much fanfare. The previous album 第二人生 (The Second Round ) won many accolades and set the bar really high for the new album. Immense anticipation and expectations surrounded the new album. So is it worth the […]

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  • Chasing Dreams with Mayday

    1-1-1-Mayday Santorini 1-001

    环游世界 -与五月天追梦 有些事现在不做 一辈子都不会做了! いまやらないとできない! This mantra: “If you don’t do it now, you will never do it for the rest of your life!” (pardon my bad translation) – which is the title of a song by the Taiwanese rock band Mayday, inspired me to join the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme in Japan which led to my Peace Boat journey. […]

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  • Mayday’s History of Tomorrow Review: 五月天 自传 成名在望 (Almost Famous)


    成名在望 (Almost Famous) is an ambitious attempt by Mayday as they experiment with a challenging musical composition and engage in an introspective discussion of Mayday’s journey to fame. Without looking at the lyrics, my first impression of this song was that it is very noisy. The dramatic changes of melody and tempo in different sections create a rather discordant […]

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  • Mayday’s History of Tomorrow Review: 五月天 自传 最好的一天 (Best day of my life)


    最好的一天 (Best day of my life) is a light-hearted song that offers a respite from the love ballads and contemplative songs in the album. The uplifting song is bursting with hopefulness and optimism. It reminds the listeners that even though we are sometimes plagued by dark days, there are also good days to look forward to.   再问你 最糟的那天 或许也 […]

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  • Mayday’s History of Tomorrow Review: 五月天 自传 好好(想把你写成一首歌) (Song about you)


    好好 (想把你写成一首歌) (Song about you) is another love ballad from the album. This song is composed by Ashin and Guan You. I thought it sounds quite similar to 我不愿让你一个人 (I don’t want you to be alone) which is interestingly composed by the same duo too.   想把你写成一首歌 想养一只猫 想要回到每个场景 拨慢每只表 The song talks about writing […]